These 5 container vegetables makes perfect for balcony and rooftop gardens

 When you want to grow veggies in a very less space than one should take care while selecting good vegetables for gardens. There are different types of vegetables available, but not all can survive in small places. Below are some vegetables, which can grow in the containers as well as pots. These plants are the best for a small rooftop garden. Let’s look some of these plants below,

  • Tomatoes

If you are the one who is doing plantation for the first time, then tomato is the best vegetable to grow. Tomatoes need good sunlight to grow, hence before plantation one needs to ensure the weather condition. As per reports, the tomatoes need 5 to 6 hours sunlight for a good growth. One can earn profit through tomatoes as this tangy vegetable is high in demand.

  • Lettuce

One can grow lettuce in the pot or container. One of the benefits of lettuce is it gives you the chance to harvest more. But, a warning is here for the people who live in a hot or humid climate that grow lettuce in the winter season as it is a cold crop. One can also grow it with flowers or with taller plants so that they get a shade. Give them space to grow don’t make overcrowding situation and give them proper water for moist soil.

  • Cucumber

Cucumber needs a good fertilizer, regular water as well as warm temperature. Only these much care you need to take that’s all they will grow like weeds. As per, the report of national gardening, association cucumber is the best vegetables to grow in small spaces like a balcony garden.

  • Chilies and Peppers

Both chili and Peppers are very productive and profit giving vegetables. In chilies and peppers, one needs a sunny spot as well as appropriate soil. One needs to take care of giving water as excessive water may also harm this plant. For this plant, one needs to select the large pots and good fertilizer as the plant needs it time to time. In the plant of Pepper there is a possibility of pests, thus keep an eye on these plants.

  • Beetroot

For Beet one does not need a big size container, as it can grow in a medium pot. The Beet is one of the fastest plant and most productive plant. Yet, one should select good compost soil for this vegetable. This vegetable is ideal for all those who wanted to grow vegetables in a small place like a balcony.

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