The Application process for USA F1 Student Visa

The USA remains the primary destination for people planning to study abroad. This Students Visa Guide is an opportunity to have a detailed explanation process for the F1 Student Visa – necessary to students planning on taking their bachelor’s degree and master's degrees in the USA.

Students applying for a program requiring more than 18 hours of study per week need an F1 visa. Which covers all undergraduate programs as well as graduate programs such as MS, MBA, etc.

Partners or children joining the F-1 visa applicant can fly on an F-2 visa. Please note that partners are not allowed to work but can assist or apply for a U.S. visa to study or work.

U.S. Student Visa Apply (F1 Visa)

There are a few steps to apply for the USA Study Visa:

1. Your visa process is initiated when you obtain Form I-20 from your university. While you can submit the SEVIS fee at any point throughout your procedure, it is highly recommended that you pay the SEVIS I-901 payment prior to starting your US visa application.

2. You can apply for a DS-160 visa form after completing the SEVIS fee and receiving a document. It's an online registration process.

3. Print the confirmation message of the registration form to be sent to the interview.

4. Payment of the visa fee by NEFT or at the approved AXIS bank/Citi bank site.

5. Plan a Biometric consultation and a meeting of the Interview.

6. For a Biometric session, you will be asked to appear in person to have your picture clicked for a visa and to have your fingerprint analysed.

7. In a Personal Meeting, the interviewer will ask you some questions regarding your preference, of course, college, finances, and the intention to come back. If he/she is satisfied, he/she will hold your passport with them to get a visa stamped.

Note, F1 student visas can be given up to three months prior to the actual start date of your degree course. That being said, you will not be able to go to the United States sooner than one month prior to your start date.

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