3 Simple steps to follow when planning for a home move

We've built a Moving Home Guide to keep the track of all the critical factors you've taken to move home. This list includes all the critical functions you need to accomplish for your transfer.

1. Research your property 

If you've discovered your new apartment and approved it, it's essential to begin a checklist for your journey to a new home! Without problems, a simple transfer will take about 8 weeks to get through. It is important to get the legal aspect in order early to facilitate a seamless process of buying or selling your land.

  • Figure out what you'd like to consider while selecting a mortgage, and afterward organize your mortgage.
  • When you're selling a property, compare the property agents.
  • Research your new location for updates on news channels and amenities.

2. Finalization of contracts and packing

With 1 month left until you transfer, you are likely to have a Chartered Surveyor examine your new house and notify you of its structural state. If there are problems, you might want to try to negotiate your bid.

  • Figure out the path for your relocation day-consider the path for the removals truck and whether there are any low bridges or restricted locations. 
  • Organize your new house to be organized between the previous owners going out and you moving in.

3. Relax in your new home.

After months of planning and preparation, you and your family are at your new apartment! After a hectic shifting day, don't try to rearrange items all at once. Make up your bedrooms and then spend an evening lounging with your family members and a festive meal and applaud yourself for having made it through the day.

  • Settle small kids in a room with a few foods and toys.
  • If necessary, keep your pets separated until you're settled.

Several other things should be kept in mind along with these points. But these are enough to get you started. We wish you happy housing!

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